Canton of Bern

Sunset Flight

Helicopter sunset flight over the Bernese Alps.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Aperture: f/4
Exposure time: 1/400s
Focal length: 88mm
ISO Speed: 100
Processed with PS CC 2015

Lake Bachalp

Deep blue, smooth as glass and divided in two by a natural dike, pretty Lake Bachalp is set in a moorland habitat of national importance, framed by the snow-covered peaks of the Jungfrau massif.

This wonderfully picturesque spot is easily accessible from Grindelwald-First – and rewards visitors with superb views of the Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn and Finsteraarhorn.

Apple iPhone 6
Aperture: f/2.2
Exposure time: 1/1647s
Focal length: 29mm
ISO Speed: 32
Processed with PS CC 2015


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The Arnensee is a lake in Canton of Berne, Switzerland. The lake in the municipality of Gsteig is used as areservoir by Romande Energie. The dam was built in 1942.

Canon EOS 60D
Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
Aperture: f/10
Exposure time: 1/100s
Focal length: 10mm
ISO Speed: 100
Processed with PS CC 2015


Upper Grindelwald glacier and Schreckhorn during sunset.

Taken from the Gleckstein mountain hut.

Canon EOS 60D
Sigma 18-250mm F3,5-6,3 DC Makro OS HSM
Aperture: f/6.3
Exposure time: 1/80s
Focal length: 18mm
ISO Speed: 400
Processed with PS CC 2015


We planned to launch with our paragliders at Homberg and fly down to the city of Thun. Unfortunately there was too much wind (gusts over 30km/h). So we enjoyed the stunning view…

Homberg is a municipality in the administrative district of Thun in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

Originally the small farming villages that make up Homberg were part of the Herrschaft of Heimberg under the House of Kyburg. After a failed raid on Solothurn on 11 November 1382 and the resulting Burgdorferkrieg, the Kyburgs lost most of their lands, including Homberg, to Bern in 1384. Under Bernese rule it was part of the Steffisburg court under the Thun District. Religiously it was part of the parish of Steffisburg until 1936 when it joined the Buchen parish.

Traditionally the farmers of the villages practiced seasonal alpine herding with limited farming on the high valley floor. During the 18th and 19th centuries there was a small pottery industry in the municipality. In the late 20th and into the 21st centuries many of the residents commuted to jobs in Thun, while many of the remainder worked in tourism.
[Source: Wikipedia]

Canon PowerShot G7 X
Aperture: f/9
Exposure time: 1/320s
Focal length: 8.8mm
ISO Speed: 125
Processed with PS CC 2014

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